3 Steps to Make Sure You ALWAYS Receive our Emails:

Gmail made some changes to your inbox, and we’re here to fix it back:
By default, the categories are “Primary / Social / Promotions (see picture below, and follow the steps):

Step 1: Go to the Promotions Tab (like this):












Step 2: Click on the Promotions tab, and find an Email from “המרכז לטיפול בטראומה” in your inbox.
Tip: You can do a ‘find for’: Don’t miss ITI News: SE Intro lecture, SE Courses and more!

Step 3
: Drag that email into your Primary Inbox
You’ll get an alert saying, “This conversation has been moved to “Primary.” Do this for future messages from contact@healingtrauma.org.il?”
Click “YES!”

Good luck!
If you need any help, just contact us.