Under the leadership of Gina Ross, MFCC, ITI trained thousands of health professionals in Somatic Experiencing in Israel. ITI has developed a training curriculum and organic cutting-edge tools for Emotional First Aid trainings for 10 different social sectors. Since 1999, with years of field experience, ITI’s team of professionals has constantly improved the content and delivery of EmotionAid™ tools.  It has repeatedly tested these tools on the public, on professionals from various social sectors, in war zones and under various cross-cultural conditions.

ITI has also created a cutting-edge program for conflict resolution and communication, which uniquely combines emotional self-regulation tools applied to the process of understanding collective trauma and unmet universal basic needs, which offers rich communication skills.

EmotionAid can be used on the spot, anywhere and anytime, by young and old, by men and women, by lay people as well as professionals.


EmotionAid™ Overview 

EmotionAid  can be taught to the lay population to be used as a self-administered tool for self-help. This is particularly necessary in countries where residents live under intense and chronic situations of stress.

EmotionAid tools are widely used by members of various healing professions, including: mental health, medicine, physical and occupational therapies, bodywork, addiction treatment counseling, first response and others.

Just as we can strengthen our physical muscles with exercise, we can strengthen our nervous system (our emotional muscle) and restore its resilience by practicing healthy responses to threat and trauma.

EmotionAid can be taught through books, trainings, videos and television programs, without need for ongoing professional help.   EmotionAid trainings help people cope with chronic traumatic stress and develop resiliency to prevent future development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Based upon the realization that humans have an innate ability to overcome the effects of trauma, this body/mind technique helps people reconnect to their innate healing resources and reclaim their natural defenses against trauma.

EmotionAid combines mindfulness with cutting-edge neuro-bio-physiological processes to restore self-regulation through the bio-physiological release of stress, guiding the nervous system gently to release stress and traumatic arousal. This is done through body awareness of the difficult sensations caused by traumatic memories in such a way that it facilitates a discharge process, which releases the stress hormones accumulated in the body. EmotionAid can be used during, soon after or immediately following, or long after the traumatic event to help prevent the accumulation of stress hormones in the body.