What’s a Resource?

A “resource” can be any person, place, object, memory, positive experience, action or personal quality that evokes soothing and calm feelings or a sense of strength. Resources can elicit pleasant sensations in our body that may feel like tingling in the torso, warmth in the stomach, expansion in the chest, relaxation of the face, neck or shoulders muscles or deep breaths. Merely thinking of a resource can already cause physical changes in our body and start the self-regulation and relaxation process. This quality allows resources to help our nervous system discharge when it is over-charged.

We all have resources. They can be internal, such as a sense of humor and intelligence, or external, such as friends, a good job, or pets.

Resources and the pleasurable sensations they generate are available to us at any time, but trauma can disconnect us from our resources and pull our attention away from them. It takes conscious awareness to reconnect with our resources after trauma.