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ITI offers a variety of tools to learn and experience SE.
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Emergency 5-step One-Pagers

Emergency 5-step One-Pagers

Available in: English, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Turkish, French, Russian and Spanish.
‘Brushing your Nervous System’ Audio CD

‘Brushing your Nervous System’ Audio CD

Available in English, Hebrew and French

Books by Gina Ross, MFCC

ITI offers a series of books called ‘Beyond The Trauma Vortex’ that raises awareness of trauma’s impact and provides tools to heal it and to build resiliency to it. The books target 10 relevant social sectors, including the clergy; the media; the military; diplomats, NGOs and first responders; the judiciary; educators and psychologists; the medical field and the public. For more information about these books, please click here.


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