Diplomats and NGOs: Beyond the Trauma Vortex into the Healing Vortex: A Guide for Diplomats and NGOs

Gina Ross

Overview: Written for diplomats and the staff of diplomatic missions, for peace workers, and for the personnel of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and frontline people who work in areas rife with tragedy, conflict and violence, this book is effectively a Red Cross for the Mind.  A trauma-sensitive diplomatic corps and NGOs can reduce international conflicts by recommending policies that diminish collective trauma and engage people’s ability to heal. Political leaders can also benefit from the information. This book provides an overall grasp of the concepts of trauma, how it interacts with the brain, and underlying reasons for healing. By reading and practicing the exercises active outsiders can build prevention and resiliency habits, accessing the technique for themselves and helping with those they serve.  This book provides:

  • Information on the nature and impact of trauma on individuals and communities and how active outsiders can assist their constituencies
  • Presents tools to resolve individual trauma
  • Explores second hand trauma’s impact on personnel and their constituents
  • Shows how to recognize and diminish the impact of collective trauma and secondhand trauma on populations and presents guidelines on how to resolve it.

What others are saying:

The motivation, purpose and direction for her book is to heal, guide and educate the traumatized world in which we live.  I fully support the work of Gina Ross.  I have traveled all around the world and have seen the need for the understanding and importance of healing trauma.  I think this book is needed in many of the countries I have visited.  People all over the world can benefit from it.
– Taj Hamad, Ph.D., Secretary General, World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO)

It is clear now that no conflict resolution can take place while nations are under the influence of trauma.  If diplomats can be trained in tools that help them better understand collective trauma we will have a wonderful opportunity to reach out and help nations recover from conflict.  The model for healing collective trauma presented by Gina in this book gives us these tools.
– Gilad Millo, Former Israeli Diplomat

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