Education and Psychology: Beyond the Trauma Vortex into the Healing Vortex: For Education and Psychology Professionals

Gina Ross

Overview:  School personnel are often the first line of defense to deal with the impact of trauma on children.  Because symptoms of childhood trauma often mimic “learning disorders” or “behavioral problems,” these symptoms can go unrec­ognized or misdiagnosed. School psychologists and counselors are the most effective social sector to address trauma, its effects and its healing. Because the educational system works with the most vulnerable members of society and has the longest-ranging influence, it can play a crucial role by identifying children at risk and helping them heal. Schools acting as community centers can disseminate information to the public, through their teachers, parents and mental health associations.  This book provides information about:

  • The etiology and symptoms of both adult and childhood trauma
  • Skills to heal trauma and develop coping abilities and resiliency in children
  • Nature and impact of second-hand trauma on school psychologists and counselors, teachers, parents, and children
  • Tools to cope with secondhand trauma
  • Tools to diminish or eliminate school violence and bullying
  • Media-related second-hand trauma for children and guidelines to avoid or heal it
  • Collective trauma’s effect on education and how to be part of collective healing

What others are saying:
Gina Ross introduces a ground-breaking theory and treatment that will help mental health professionals better detect and treat hidden trauma.  With a special emphasis on children and adolescents, her book offers vital information for psychotherapists, teachers and parents that will avoid mislabeling the trauma symptoms which mimic learning and behavior disorders and seek appropriate treatments. This book should be required reading for all school professionals and this subject incorporated into the school system. 
– Dr. Bilha Noy, Director of Shefi, Dept. of School Psychologists, Ministry of Education, Israel

When trauma invades the lives of children, it can destroy their chance for a better future.  School under-performance, attention deficit, behavior problems, the use of drugs, and school violence are the results of unrecognized and unhealed trauma.  This book focuses a bright light on this hidden problem and provides a creative approach to bring victims back to a healthy and fulfilling life. 
Alan C. Fox, President, Frieda C. Fox Foundation

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