Coexistence Program

Emotional Self-Regulation for Arab and Jewish Communities

How to teach Arab & Jewish children to cope with fear and differences  – to coexist

Jewish and Arab communities must learn to cope with fear, hostility and differences in order to  coexist….ITI has the proven, the appropriate, simple-to-use tools.  There is a direct link between the trauma and stress, which are a daily reality for Israeli children and adults, and the escalation of violence. Even amidst feelings of hopelessness, children can be taught how to self-regulate and co-exist in schools and in society as a whole. A Harvard Kennedy School study found that an average of 75% of Israeli citizens, both Jewish and Arab, want urgent action on coexistence. ITI has the framework and expertise but we need your help! CURRENTLY, THERE IS NO REAL HOPE. The current situation – Dialogue has stagnated and the abyss is widening between Jews and Arabs. As a result, entire communities are suffering.
  • Children are terrorized, and they are taught to hate.
  • Ongoing tension and feelings of hopelessness lead to repeated violent reactions.
  • The level of violence in schools in mixed communities is unprecedented and is the number
  • one source of complaints from both parents and teachers.


What if:
  • We could stop the escalation of violence?ALL ToolkitSML
  • Children, parents, teachers and the entire community could be trained to better understand their own feelings, needs and responses as well as the needs of their “enemy”?

ITI’s Solution – EmotionAid™

We provide Jewish and Arab children and their communities with EmotionAid™ – emotional first aid tools to overcome daily stress, fears and anxiety. Once people have an outlet to deal with their feelings andreactivity, they become an active part of creating the solutions.

How it works

ITI developed a Coexistence Program, based on scientifically proven EmotionAid ™ – emotional first aid tools and psycho-biological methods that offer individuals and communities immediate relief from stress and anxiety.ITI Children War Movie.m4v_000061113

Help us Help the Children

  • Sponsor a School $127,000
  • Sponsor a Class $12,000
  • Sponsor a Stress Kit $3,700

The Results We Can Attain for Jewish and Arab Community Members:Shared Society

  • Lowering of violence in our schools and communities
  • Change in the collective traumatic narrative
  • Development of the ability to co-exist

About ITI

The International Trauma Healing Institute in Israel (ITI Israel) is a nonprofit educational & research organization. ITI offers solutions and tools for healing individual and collective trauma and releasing stress and anxiety. Our mission is to heal trauma at the community, national, and international levels, by bringing awareness to trauma as a major cause for suffering, conflict and violence; Educating the public and professionals, and developing tools for healing children and adults. ITI was established in the U.S. and in Israel by Gina Ross and managed in Israel by Dr. Cathy Lawi. ITI’s emotional first aid method – EmotionAid™ was chosen by some of the Israeli government offices’ as one of the primary methods to help the general population during times of stress and threat. EmotionAid™ tools are being implemented in the Medical and Education sectors: Sheba Hospital – department of rehabilitation, Schneider Medical Center and Primary, Secondary and High schools in municipalities, and regional councils across the country.

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