EmotionAid for the Education Sector

Preparing children to confront and handle stress and trauma in emergency situations

For the past several years, we have shared the concept and know how of EmotionAid® to schools across the country, in cities such as Ramat Hasharon, Ramle, Rishon Letzion, Petach Tikva, Jaffa, Sderot and Eshkol Regional Council.

Our vision is to bring the notions, language and tools of EmotionAid® to all the schools in Israel, beginning with the teaching staff, principals, counselors, psychologists, students and parents; creating ever-extending circles of tolerance, understanding, compassion and balance.

The EmotionAid® tools enable us to return to balance and concentration, and to operate from a place of power and peace, instead of stress and anxiety. EmotionAid® teaches us how not to succumb to disquiet, emotional overload, arguments and concentration difficulties.

Our aim is to empower teachers and students with additional means to enable optimal coping with the unique challenges they currently face in our schools.

With EmotionAid®, we open a gateway to another consciousness, which assists in finding new and more creative solutions than those offered by mere common sense.

Significant learning can only take place when our nervous system is in balance. Balance is achieved by awareness of our physical sensations. EmotionAid® teaches us how to independently return to balance, anywhere at any time. One balanced nervous system affects another, thereby creating a contagious and stable chain of resiliency.

In order to implement our plan, we have created a special EmotionAid® Stress Kit for teachers and counselors, which includes videos, workbooks, books, posters and numerous games and activities, which enables the implementation of the EmotionAid® tools quickly and efficiently in the school environment.

We were born with an inherent ability to handle stress and traumatic events. The emotional first aid simply reminds us of this!

ITI’s EmotionAid® program has been certified and approved by the Ministry of Education, and is available now as a recommended program for schools in Israel.

Contact ITI for additional information or to request an EmotionAid® training of your own!


“I would like to thank you and the wonderful staff of ITI for the perceptive and individualistic work they did with the school team. The workshops helped promote the personal and mental resiliency of the crew and, as the school principal, helped me find new ways to cope. During the workshop we received a variety of tools and methods to help us in times of need. We learned that the solutions and fortitude are inherent in each one of us; we just needed to learn how to utilize them. The participants grew very attached to the ITI team and felt that you gave us renewed strength to finish the school year. We’re very appreciative and look forward to sharing our new tools with the students and parents next year as well. “ - Mrs. Sima Ezra, Principal of the Shikmim Maoz primary school in Sderot “There was a situation in class which caused me to want to shout at a student. Instead, I stopped myself and turned my attention to my body. I noticed how a release was taking place through my feet, thereby avoiding the latter situation.” “I received new tools. Excellent tools. Instead of keeping everything bottled up inside, as usual, this time I shared and came out feeling much calmer.” “Now, when something is bugging me, I immediately think of a resource, of something good or a pleasant place, and this immediately strengthens me.” “I have discovered how to listen to my body and how to activate the cognitive brain. Amazing! I succeeded in calming myself down and avoiding a difficult situation. I know that things with the students will be easier now.”