EmotionAid® for the Medical Sector

Trauma takes place daily in hospitals, and the medical teams are in the forefront of constant challenging and traumatic events. They must retain a professional service, compassion towards their patients and their families, while safeguarding against compassion fatigue.

At the EmotionAid® course, medical teams learn practical tools of emotional first aid, with the following objectives:

  • Reduce burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Handle frustration and violence in patients and families
  • Decrease activation during day-to-day and emergency situations
  • Release accumulated stress and tension by exercising emotional first aid on themselves and others

EmotionAid® for the Health sector addresses the needs of various teams in the medical world: Physicians, nurses, support staff, social workers, and more.

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“I don’t remember what she did with me, but I do remember that she succeeded in calming me down,” – a terror victim, after a social worker at the Shaarei Tsedek hospital treated her with the EmotionAid® tools. “The course supplied us with simple and accessible tools, which the team, unfortunately, had to quickly implement on terror victims who arrived to their departments. (…) We were also well-equipped with written materials in the form of the emergency first aid booklet, where the method was explained very clearly, as well as with a handy little ‘cheat sheet’ card we could slip into our pockets, where the instructions were always available.” – Amalia Oren, Director of the Department for Social Work, Shaarei Tsedek Hospital, Jerusalem