EmotionAid® is a toolkit of five simple steps for self-regulation and emotional first aid.

Based on organic, cutting-edge tools from Somatic Experiencing® and the latest developments in brain research, with EmotionAid®, you can learn how to both handle and prevent anxiety, burnout, stress and trauma.

Just as we can strengthen our physical muscles with exercise, we can strengthen our nervous system (our emotional muscle) and restore its resilience by practicing healthy responses to threat and trauma.

Specially designed for the public at large and professionals who work in situations of stress, EmotionAid® is recommended for:

  • Teachers and educational staff
  • Mental health professionals
  • Emergency personnel
  • First responders
  • Medical staff

EmotionAid® can be used on the spot, anywhere and anytime, by young and old, by men and women, by lay people as well as professionals.

The EmotionAid® Program

The program includes:

  • The EmotionAidtraining program
  • EmotionAidtoolkits for adults and for children
  • Continued supervision
  • Practice sessions