Cross Cultural Understanding

The Importance of Cultural Differences

Our program addresses cross-cultural understanding, a very important but not well recognized aspect of conflict resolution. Many conflicts have been worsened because of lack of cross-cultural understanding on the part of all involved. While trauma exacerbates differences between people, the simple lack or ignorance of cross- cultural understanding adds an unnecessary layer of mistrust, separation and alienation. We explore all the categories that are affected by culture.

Communication Skills

We learn the signs of Trauma Vortex in communication and their impact on relationships, and how they encourage polarization and demonization; and we address the trauma vortex communication rough, as well as it subtle forms.  We learn to communicate from the healing vortex, inviting more understanding, cooperation and connection. We learn to inspire the feelings that facilitate conflict resolution, peacefulness and harmony.

  • The workshops/trainings provide a successful and easy to follow protocol to resolve issues that arise ranging from daily individual relationships to those affecting conflicts between groups/nations.
  • Simple methods of releasing stress on the spot, anytime, anywhere; the ability to recognize signs of stress and trauma in oneself and others and how to release or diffuse them
  • A protocol to recognize the trauma and unmet needs behind all conflicts
  • Recognition of unmet needs, and resolution of emotions fueling all conflicts– ours and “theirs”
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding across all the cultural categories
  • Methods for effective and calm communication and tracking of destructive communication