General Public: Beyond The Trauma Vortex: a Guide for Healing

Gina Ross

Since its discovery, an amazingly powerful technique known as Somatic Experiencing – SE® – has changed the lives of people around the world. Originally developed as a technique for therapists to treat deep trauma, SE® is now widely used by the public as a tool for Emotional First Aid, stress release, and a body/mind rebalancing technique.  Just as you can use diet and exercise for physical health, you can use SE® as a way to achieve emotional and mental balance and to heal from trauma.  This book provides an overall grasp of the concepts of trauma, how it interacts with the brain, and the underlying reasons for healing.  It introduces the parts of the technique that you can use by yourself for self- regulation, and to heal yourself.  The book provides information about:

  • Nature and symptoms of trauma and tools to heal or cope with it
  • Impact of second-hand trauma on you, your family, friends and culture
  • Media-related second-hand trauma and guidelines to avoid and/or heal it.
  • Collective trauma and how you can be part of collective healing

By reading and practicing the exercises you can build prevention and resiliency habits, accessing the technique for yourself and sharing with family and friends.

What others are saying:

This booklet is a must-read! Psychotherapist and trauma specialist Gina Ross gives you science-based information to help you understand why some difficult feelings and thoughts threaten to overwhelm you. She also gives specific information to help you overcome those feelings. Before long, you’re feeling calm and happy, looking on the bright side of life.
~Hyla Cass M.D. author of Natural Highs

After I read the book and practiced the exercises, I was much calmer during the next red alert sirens. Instead of my usual panic and shouting, I gathered my children quietly and calmly directed them to the place we use as shelter. My children were amazed. I did the exercises with them which helped calm them, too. I believe this book is a must for every mother, every person everywhere and especially here in Israel.
~Ziva Ben Shitrit, school teacher in Sderot, Israel

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