Gina Ross
Founder & President of ITI, MFCC

Gina Ross, MFCC, is founder and president of the International Trauma-Healing Institutes in the United States and in Israel and the co-founder of the Israeli Center for the Treatment of Psychotherapy at Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem.  A visionary interested in healing trauma at global levels, Gina has specialized in cutting-edge healing methods, that can be brought directly to the public at large, to help it to cope with stress and trauma and develop resiliency for troubled times. A pioneer in understanding collective trauma, Gina was first to coin “the collective trauma vortex”, “the collective healing vortex” and the “collective nervous system” and is an expert on the impact of trauma on conflict between groups or nations. Having lived in 8 different countries on 4 continents and speaking 7 languages, Gina has integrated her wide expertise in cross–cultural understanding to her work with the collective, and to trauma-related conflicts in the Middle East. Gina’s Ross Model: Working with the Collective Nervous System applies the new healing paradigms to heal collective trauma at national levels in order to create a collective emotional foundation for peace. Gina and her ITI institutes work diligently to place the issue of trauma healing on the global agenda, developing resources and collaborating with organizations to further healing at the community, national, and international levels.

She is the creator of EmotionAid®, an innovative self- help tool, which allows the recovery of our sense of control. EmotionAid® helps us release on the spot, anywhere, anytime, any tension occurring from stress or traumatic events, allowing the adrenaline to drain from our body and to protect us from developing post traumatic symptoms.  EmotionAid synthesize several methods to bring body/mind healing.  It helps us prevent trauma and increase our resiliency against future threats, especially when we are living under chronic traumatic stress.  EmotionAid® is a gentle and organic tool. It relies on our innate ability to heal (healing vortex).  Its language is cross-cultural, and helps transcend cultural and political barriers, touching the heart and the common ground of suffering.

She is the author of many articles and a series of books entitled Beyond the Trauma Vortex Into the Healing Vortex, guides addressed to the various social sectors that can exacerbate or heal trauma or both (the fields of the clergy, diplomats and NGOs, educators, first responders, judiciary, media, medical, military, and psychology and a special guide for the public in English, Hebrew, Portuguese and Arabic.  The books are currently being translated into other languages.

Gina is a senior faculty member and trainer in Somatic Experiencing (SE) for SETI (Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute). She has introduced SE and is in charge of the SE trainings in the Middle East; and has conducted innumerous trainings and workshops, including providing emotional first aid after bombings in the Middle East and conducting peace workshops. Being on the frontlines of conflict and violence, she understood the need for research to introduce a very powerful tool into big bureaucracies like the US and Israeli Militaries, hospitals and Foreign ministries and has successfully conducted the first ever SE academic research project.

In addition to Somatic Experiencing® (SE), Gina is certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), and Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR). She chaired the Cross-Cultural Committee of the Los Angeles, California Association of Marriage, Family, and Child Therapists (MFCT) for seven years. She continues to serve a multi-cultural clientele of 50 different cultures in her private practice in seven languages. She is an international guest lecturer at conferences including the United Nations and various professional associations. She has been a guest commentator on many television and radio shows.