Infinity Mat + Circles

Infinity Mat + Circles
550 NIS

550 NIS


1. Description

  • Carpet with infinity sign in two colors. Reusable material.
  • Colored discs with challenges
  • List of challenges:
  • Colored discs with resources
  • List of resources:

2. Objectives

  • To understand and experience the concept of healing vortex and trauma vortex, and the continuous movement of pendulation between the 2
  • To explore the necessary balance between challenges and resources
  • To bring awareness to the trauma vortex and learn how to manage it  using resources

3. Use without discs

  • Explain about the neutrality of the HV and TV through the colors. We observe what there is without judgment. The red and the blue sides can be either. Please note that in the communities in the South, the red is often associated with the color red warning.
  • Explore walking from HV to TV through the center, as if drawing the figure 8. This movement rebalances the 2 hemispheres of the brain. It also gives a sense of the pendulation in an organic way.

4. Use with the discs

  • Start with one side, either TV or HV. Explore adding challenges or resources one by one and notice how it feels in the body.
  • Explore how many resources are necessary to balance 3, 5, 7 challenges.
  • Explore our capacity to contain the TV depending on the number and quality of challenges that inhabit or occupy it. Is there a difference between temporary and chronic challenges? Make the connection with the body sensations at each step of the discovery.
  • Develop awareness of calling for resources. Develop awareness of the concept of infinity of resources.
  • Take a specific situation, individual or collective (class, family, hospital department, community, etc.). Which are the challenges? Place them in one side of the infinity sign. Which are the resources? Is the situation balanced? Is there a need for more resources?

5. Recommendations

  • Use the infinity carpet as an exercise when introducing the resources. It is a good support to anchor the learning of TV/HV combined with resources.
  • Be creative! New resources and challenges can be added. The clients can make their own discs, and write their own resources and challenges on them.
  • If you have time, you can do a whole workshop on the topic.
  • Be interactive: ask participants to come and pick their own resources and challenges
  • Create different fields of TV and HV and ask people to stand on it to check how it feels. Ask people to notice the similarities and the differences.
  • Enjoy!