List of approved facilitator

Dr. Cathy Lawi
Executive Director of ITI Israel, PhD, PCC

After graduating with honors from the doctorate program in the Geneva School of Pharmacy, Cathy managed drug development projects for international corporations, and then founded and managed a bio-med company – up until the day she experienced SE.

Once she understood the power of SE to heal and prevent trauma, she decided to dedicate her life to promoting its benefits in Israel

While finalizing her SE certification, Cathy teamed up with Gina Ross and became the active ITI partner in Israel. Her efforts have lead to strategic partnerships with Ministries of Health and Education, on going projects with leading organizations and more.

Laurence Tolub, MD, SEP
EmotionAid® Training Director

Doctor of Dental Surgery, Laurence Tolub has practiced in this field for more than 15 years in France. Immigrating to Israel provided her with the opportunity to question her professional orientation. She chose to specialize in the treatment of trauma using Somatic Experiencing™ (SE®) and became a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She is also a coach in Applied Neurosciences and is trained in the Gottman Method.

The integration of her medical experience and the skills acquired in the field of stress and trauma has leant her a unique professional, precise and kind approach.

Israel is a country particularly exposed to stressful events and helping people to overcome and manage these difficult situations quickly proved her life mission.

Laurence is currently responsible for the French-speaking department within ITI, where she teaches the tools of EmotionAid® to a varied audience, including health and mental health professionals, community managers, volunteers and the public. Her goal is to increase the resilience of the population in a country where trauma is omnipresent.

“With these surprisingly effective and simple tools, I hope to teach as many people as possible how to manage stress, self-regulate and help others in order to prevent trauma and to improve the quality of life of an entire population. “