Michal Shahak

Name: Michal Shahak
Mobile Phone: 0528377824
Email: michal.shahak@gmail.com
Languages: Hebrew English
City: Jerusalem,Ramat-Gan
Profession: Somatic Movement therapist
Audience: Adults, babies and teens
Specialty: Developmental Movement in the first year of life; trauma therapy stress and the bodily self.
Education: MA in Dance-Movement therapy; Senior faculty and practitioner of Body-Mind Centering ;TFT practitioner
About the clinic: In my practice i try to characterize the therapeutic work according to the person’s needs. My work includes verbal communication and focuses on the bodily self and bodily integrated experiences. I am one of the first generation that was certified as SEPs in Israel and am certified to provide personal training and therapy of all levels, and group supervision for BEG level of the SE training.