Military: Beyond the Trauma Vortex into the Healing Vortex: A Guide for the Military

Gina Ross

Overview:  Training military personnel in self-regulation tools lessens the incidence of combat shock and the potential for spreading traumatic reactions among the troops.   These same tools can be used after leaving military service to spare veterans, their families and community from unnecessary suffering, thus saving financial resources and helping society better support its veterans. This book provides:

  • Emotional first aid tools for active personnel to release stress within the context of military training
  • Tools to practice resiliency  and to lessen the physical impact of military training
  • Help to identify wide-ranging symptoms of psycho-biological and emotional trauma beyond the conventional definition of PTSD
  • Tools for commanders to enhance group morale
  • Guidelines to recognize a collective trauma vortex, and how to lessen trauma-driven violence and the resulting drive for revenge
  • Examples on how to address a collective trauma vortex from a military point of view.

What others are saying:

“Military duty requires soldiers to be centered and keep a wide vision for optimal performance.  Traumatic arousal during high stress operations narrows this vision.  It is healthier to learn to release and discharge the inevitable arousal rather than suppressing it.  Incorporating SE® Emotional First Aid tools into soldiers’ daily lives and training continuously allows them to ‘reset.’  Learning such skills before deployment allows military personnel to use them during deployment, lessens traumatic activations, enhances military performance and minimizes war’s impact.”
-Andrew Pogany, National Veterans Legal Services Program.

“The big questions in my mind was why has so little been done for our service personnel before, during and after any traumatic military service?  The need for this book is long overdue and I am delighted to see serious changes are now taking place.  I feel that the path is open for a useful healing approach to the military experience and for others likely to be placed in harm’s way.”
-Chris Rubacha, Major (USAF Ret.)

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