Orly Steinbach

Name: Orly Steinbach
Mobile Phone: 052- 6442200, 03-6484096
Email: orly@innertouch.co.il
Languages: Hebrew, English, Portuguese
Area: Center
City: Tel Aviv
Profession: Body Psychotherapist
Audience: women, men, couples from age of 18
Specialty: Body-mind, stress, anxiety, Crises, Realatioship and Intimacy,trauma, sexual abuse
Education: EABP, Riedman Institute, Tel Aviv University, Biosynthessis, Famaily Constalation
About the clinic: My clinic is in a quiet green neighborhood at the north of Tel Aviv, Hadar- Yosef The treatment is suitable for people who have difficulties in creating relationships, difficulties in couple hood, difficulties in intimacy, difficulties in managing feelings and expressing feelings, or people who suffer from a great deal of stress, physical symptoms and psychosomatic diseases. A special attention is given to cases of sexual trauma, medical traumas and traumas from accidents The body is completely affected by the mind. This is the core of the treatment