1. The Trauma Vortex in Action In the Middle East
    By: Gina Ross

  2. Trauma – The Vortex of Violence
    By: Dr. Peter A. Levine

  3. Treating tsunami survivors for trauma
    By: Dr. Raja Selvam

  4. Somatic Experiencing® in the Treatment of Automobile Accident Trauma
    By Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D. and Larry Heller, Ph.D.

  5. The Neurophysiology of Dissociation and Chronic Disease
    By: Robert C. Scaer

  6. Preventing and Healing the Sacred Wound of Sexual Molestation
    By: Dr. Peter A. Levine

  7. Nature’s Lessons in Healing Trauma
    By: Dr. Peter A. Levine

  8. Understanding Childhood Trauma
    By: Dr. Peter A. Levine

  9. Memory, Trauma & Healing
    By Peter A. Levine, Ph.D.

  10. Somatic Therapy Treatment Effects with Tsunami Survivors
    By: Catherine Parker, Ronald M. Doctor, and Raja Selvam

  11. Thailand Tsumani Surveys – Summary of Results

  12. Mental Health Practitioners’ Views on Why Somatic Experiencing Works for Treating Trauma
    By Michelle C. Olssen, B.S.W., LSW

  13. Trauma and Violence
    SAMHSA – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
    “Research has shown that traumatic experiences are associated with both behavioral health and chronic physical health conditions, especially those traumatic events that occur during childhood”.

  14. New Study Finds Strong Jewish and Arab Consensus for Peaceful Coexistence in Israel
    Kennedy School

  15. Childhood trauma linked to higher rates of mental health problems and obesity, says Stanford/Packard psychiatrist
    Stanford/Packard psychiatrist
    “If trauma goes untreated, it’s very costly for the individuals involved and for society in general.”