I had flashbacks, I kept seeing the soldier who was brought in without a face… I couldn’t speak, breathe. After one session I already felt the difference.”

– D.R., Intensive Care Nurse

Following the EmotionAid™ course we received from your organization, and which was given to the service team in the hospital, I’d like to share our feedback. The course included 8 meetings; 6 were given to the entire team, and 2 were given as individual sessions, in pairs. The atmosphere during the course was pleasant, open and accepting. The team, most of whom are seasoned workers, and experienced with trauma, nevertheless felt that they have a lot to learn. The course supplied us with simple and accessible tools, which the team, unfortunately, had to quickly implement on terror victims who arrived to their departments. As the manager of the department, I was a little apprehensive in the beginning, wondering if I’d made the right choice. Immediately following the first meeting, however, the fears subsided, especially following the positive feedback received by the team, who thanked me for my choice.

Amalia Oren, Director of the Department for Social Work, Shaarei Tsedek Hospital, Jerusalem

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