EmotionAid™ Conference in Sderot

Impressions from EmotionAid™ Conference in Ashkelon for Sderot therapeutic teams – Ayelet De Piccioto

If those who handle fear, stress and PTSD would have known that stress, anxiety, freeze or flight responses stem from biological mechanisms which protect them, and not from being weak or flawed, relief and hope would enter their lives!

The Sderot Resilience Center and the Welfare Department of Sderot Municipality invited ITI to organize Emotional First Aid conference for professionals in Ashkelon. The participants included social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists and community volunteers.

ITI’s clinical team came bearing a message of hope: There is knowledge, tools and ways to handle, release and prevent trauma, even in areas where there is an on-going trauma.

During the conference, the participants learned about the defense mechanisms of the body, and how to use the EmotionAid™ tools during both normal times and times of emergency, to release symptoms of stress, anxiety and trauma.


The ITI team included Ayelet De Piccioto, ITI’s Clinical Director, together with Tal Zacharin, MSW  -the developer of “Gamed from the heart”, Batia Sheffy, Li-Or Goldman, Blanch Mantel and Nava Mayer. The participants were taught EmotionAid’s Five Steps, developed by ITI team during Tzuk Eitan operation.

Participants received the EmotionAid™ toolkit, including:

  • The 5-Steps instructional flyer how to handle our emotions and reactions during emergencies
  • ‘Brushing Your Nervous System’ CD
  • ‘Brushing Your Nervous’ System toothbrush – to remind us to daily brush our nervous system – with a link to instructions in English, Hebrew, French, Arabic and German
  • ‘From the Trauma Vortex to Healing’ book by Gina Ross – new Hebrew edition
  • 5-steps reminder bracelet
  • EmotionAid™ Manual

If you would like to order a toolkit, or one of its component, send us a message to: contact@healingtrauma.org.il.

Let’s heal trauma together!