Assistants are an important part of the Somatic Experiencing® learning support team. As graduates of the SE Professional Training, they provide support, containment, and feedback for students during practice sessions in class; help out with organizational matters such as setting up breakout rooms, monitoring times, and supporting the training coordinator; and fulfill faculty support tasks as requested by faculty members.

Assistants are strongly encouraged to make a commitment to assist at all modules of the training year for which they will assist.

Assistants are expected to be present for the entire training module they agree to attend. We expect assistants will, to the best of their ability:

  • Develop their capacity for containment and self-regulation
  • Be a cooperative team member
  • Take in constructive feedback and direction
  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries, including confidentiality
  • Support the faculty teaching function
  • Have a working knowledge of the SE curriculum
  • Assist in providing overall class containment by helping faculty, fellow assistants, participants, and class coordinator

Who can be an Assistant?

Assistants must apply and be pre-approved by the Institute prior to assisting at each year of the training. Individual faculty members are responsible for selecting their own assisting teams from the pool of approved assistants.

We appreciate that assisting at SE trainings is a volunteer service activity that supports the growth of our students. We understand that assisting may also benefit our assistants educationally, personally, and professionally. Please note, however, we cannot guarantee any personal or professional benefits and assisting should not be considered a career path.

Health Policy

SE trainings can be emotionally and physically demanding. Based on direct advice of Peter A. Levine, PhD, we strongly urge people with serious health conditions and pregnant women to notify their coordinator, faculty member, and the Institute staff; to avoid the training; and, for women who become pregnant while assisting the training, to take a leave of absence. While we welcome qualified assistants to assist our trainings, we care for our assistants and encourage everyone to err on the side of caution.

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