SE4You: Session #2: Orienting, A Closer Look

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SE4You: Session #2: Orienting, A Closer Look

The second meeting in our program was held on October 22nd in Raanana.

Mrs. Ricki Bernstein, MSW – Clinical social worker and psychotherapist shared her perspective on Orienting and a deeper look into the meaning and significance of Orienting.

About 12 participants attended and the meeting lasted for abut two hours.Ricki was able to enchant the participants by taking a different and deeper look at theterm Orienting. She allowed a new way of thinking as we treat our clients, like lookingfor orienting, even if it is not meant to be there. In addition, Ricki shared practicalapplications from her case load.

No doubt we had a productive and beneficial meeting and we want to thank Ricki forher willingness to respond to our invitation.

We want to take this opportunity to reach out to the SE community members, whowould be interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise with their colleagues andoffer them the stage. Our goal is to have this program in different locations throughoutthe country, and we encourage anyone who is interested to be in touch with us.

Thank you and a happy holiday,

Li-Or and Batia